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We at Bisco Electro Coatings are commited to produce top quality Finishes to Customer Through continual improvement, We will strive hard to match the exact finish,standards and specification as per The Customers requirements and also to be the best in terms of Aesthetics.

We strongly believe that our finish should not only satisfy the Customer But it should be a Customer’s Delight.

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Customer Statisfaction

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Five Good Reasons to be with us for your Metal Finishing needs

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Bisco’s extensive experience in Metal Finishing has a well-deserved for quality that ranks with the best in the industry.

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Batch-to Batch Consistency

When it comes to consistency, Bisco’s products exceed the industry norm by a wide margin.

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Problem Solving

Since poineering Metal Finishing. Bisco has found effective solutions to hundreds of difficult coating problems.

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Customer Service

You can depend on our total package of efficient order handling, prompt delivery and attention to details. It adds up to superior customer service.

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Technical Support

We will roll up our sleeves to help make your component look at its best and meet better Chemical, Machanical and functional requirements.

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Signing contract with major investor

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