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Company Overview

Bisco Electro Coatings in Coimbatore, is the industry leader in protective coating applications, serving over 100 customers throughout Coimbatore and neighbouring states like Kerala. We provide an environmentally sound and cost-effective coating solutions to a wide variety of industries such as: Agricultural, Home Appliances, Automotive, Computer, Construction Equipment, Electrical, Furniture and Industrial equipment.

Meeting the demands of such a diverse group of industries requires an equally diverse range of custom coating services and technologies. Bisco offers a full range of high technology custom coating services, like CED Coatings/E-Coat, Anodising, Powder Coatings, Alodine, Cromatising, PVC Plastisol Coatings and Electric Insulation Coatings for Toroidal Core. Bisco is constantly researching and developing new protective coating applications to meet your needs.

At Bisco “Continuous Customer Focus” is our commitment to you. Our dedication to continuous improvement in protective coating applications results in additional customer benefits and opportunities, providing expertise required to meet your needs.